Tell YOUR Story

Yuck-Free Copywriting For Your Business

Tell YOUR Story

Because your copy should be telling your business’s story.

Not the story of someone else.

You deserve to have your copy shine above everyone else’s.

For your customer’s to read it and say, “Damn, that’s pretty awesome!”

and then come back to read more from you.

You deserve to have copy that tells your story from page one to page 100. All the way through.

So why is it that whenever you sit down to write your business’s copy it feels like… well… someone else?

You ain’t the problem.

It’s all those stupid rules you’ve been told to follow.

Sometimes, you have to trash the rules to make magic happen.

Your Brand = Your Rules

Look, it’s time to make up your own rules when it comes to copy.

Because when you pull in a story

that makes sense to YOU.

And turn your back on the stiff

guidelines you’ve been fed,

You realize you sound more like yourself

And less like the millions of others in your niche.

You are one in a million, right?

It’s time you act like it.

Let’s put the pen down you’ve been holding and write the next best seller together.

After all, no one is going to buy you out if they’ve already heard the story before.
They want to know you’re going to tell them something new and fun….The story of YOU.

Available now to tell your story through:

Sales Pages, Web Pages
Email Funnels


Amanda wrote my about me and sales page for my company. Let me tell you she really listened to what I had to say. She is very attentive really put my personal feelings and thoughts into the copy. She asked me questions to get really great nuggets to use. I am thoroughly pleased and excited with my product. I recommend her a thousand times. - Tonya Burton

Business doesn’t have to cost you your personality.

That little voice in your head?

The one that reads and re-reads your copy?

And then whispers in your ear, “What the heck is that, Joe?”

You know it’s got a point.

Your business’s copy...doesn’t sound like you.

It sounds like the template you stole it from (Yikes).

Or it sounds like your Uncle Jim who says he’s been “a writer all his life. (That may be true… but you ain’t Jim).

Or… even worse…

It sounds like that hipster guy you found off of facebook who claims he knows what he’s doing.

(But all his writing has done is scared customers away).

Here’s the thing: It’s not hard to do a Google search for “how to write a sales page.”

And it’s certainly not hard to feel like you can shove a few emails out and “make it work.”

But all the “tips and tricks” out there?

They’re mostly going to steer you wrong.

They’re built to make your customers buy…

Out of shame.

Out of fear.

Out of being bullied.

But what your copy needs to do is make them feel like they understand you and your story.

One that resonates with them so well, they’re happy to read from “Welcome page” to “Buy now” without thinking twice.

It’s time to tell your story.

Not someone else’s.

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