Connecting With Readers

One of my favorite things is connecting with readers and writers in the community. It takes a village to nurture our stories and I am so thankful for the opportunity these bloggers, podcasters, and book lovers have given me.

Writing Away With Kelly

Kelly is an author, relationship coach, podcaster, and honestly a pretty awesome person to talk with. Her podcast showcases authors from all walks who are navigating the throws of the indie author world.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to talk about The Fallen in Soura Heights for probably longer than either of us had planned!


Nerdthusiasm: It’s the feeling you get when you can’t seem to hold still out of sheer excitement while talking about your latest interest, hobby, or whatever.

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If you’re up for an interview, public chat, or collaboration, you’re my kind of people.
Below are a few images I like to use in media coverage. If you have a project in mind, these are yours to use!

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