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Because Sales Writing Shouldn’t Suck

The Fun Out of Writing-Writing

You’ve written your book. You’ve had enough alpha, beta, and ARC readers to create your own literary army. You’ve hired a kickass editor who combed through the commas and semicolons.

You’re ready to see that sucker off to publication… only you find there’s more to write.

Why the heck is it so difficult to write

a freaking blurb?

Or logline?

Or a single email to readers?

Have you seen the work you’ve already put into that book of yours?

The problem isn’t you. You’re more than capable writing.

The problem is that turning a whole world you created into a condensed paragraph feels so impossible.

Breathe. It is possible. By putting your story to words, you’ve already proven that. The right words to sell your story exist.

We’re talking: a blurb to snag a reader’s attention, a logline to use for every ad, and emails to nurture your potential readers into full blown readers of your writing.

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Interested in making the copywriting part of your author journey suck-free? Gotcha covered.

Copywriting Ain’t the Same as Writing-Writing

In all the facebook groups I’m in,

In all the instagram lives I’ve participated in,

With all the authors I’ve talked to on their journeys…

I’ve heard the same thing over and over:

“I can write a 100k word novel. Why is writing a single sentence so hard?”

Yup, I get it. I’ve been there, too buddy.

I finished my novel and had the “OH CRAP”

Realization that my writing wasn’t over.

The thing is the story you’ve been working on is an entire world.

It’s filled with rich characters and driving dialogue.

You’ve weaved in symbolism to draw intrigue

And you pinpointed the metaphors to reach your readers’ hearts.

It’s the kind of storytelling everyone lives for.

But that blurb? The one-line ad? The elevator pitch?

It’s a whole different storytelling all together.

It’s not the story YOU want to tell, it’s the story your readers need to buy into before they even pick up your cover.

Welcome to sales writing, friend.
It ain’t for the faint of heart.

As difficult as writing your story is, it’s only like 10% of the work. 100% is marketing.

And yeah, I get that those numbers don’t add up.

Being an indie author is more than 100% effort.

The thing is that great marketing starts with great copy.

It’s what draws a potential reader in and develops a connection with you...with your story.

And it’s so freaking hard to do that when you’ve been immersed into this storytelling world for months, perhaps years.

That’s why I’m happy to take the “sucky” writing off your plate:


So… what’s your book about? you have a go to answer for this? Cuz let me tell you, if you don’t have one sentence to reel people in, you have a good chance of losing the attention of some people in today’s instant gratification world.

This is the 1 sentence that will sum up your story in a driving and fascinating way to get the right readers to want to know more instantly.


The dreaded blurb…. Let me tell you I HATED writing the blurb for my first novel. It was like pulling teeth to figure out what would tick all the right marks:

Is it intriguing enough?

Is it giving enough details?

Is it giving too many?

Am I blowing any part of the story with spoilers?

Does it even make a lick of sense???

I was way too close to my story to write it right away.

I literally had to put the thing down for a few months to be far away from it enough to get something down that ticked all the boxes and more.

Website Copy

As an author, what the heck do you even put on a website?

Yeah, I know that’s a daunting task.

Everyone tells you that you gotta have one and yet… what do you write??
And how the heck do you write about yourself in way that doesn’t feel sleezy?

(I get it, I hate talking about myself, too).

Your web copy is a two-way conversation with your reader. Only, it’s just you...and you’ve gotta assuming you’re saying the right words that make a potential reader go:
“Oh yeah! This author looks freaking awesome! I want to know more about them AND buy their now!”

...Or something like that.

Available for: About pages, Contact pages, Home pages, and more

Email Nurture Sequence

If you don’t know what a nurture sequence is, let me just say you’re missing out.

It’s literally a sequence of emails that nurtures your potential readers.

(Hey, it’s right in the name!)

It guides them through getting to know you, why you wrote the story you did, lets them know what to expect from you.
It’s letting them get to know you over a period of time so they’ll fall in love with you and want to check your story out more.

Note: I highly suggest you offer a lead magnet or a freebie on your website to jump start a sequence off.

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Interested in making the copywriting part of your author journey suck-free? Gotcha covered.

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“Make it” as an author

You know that little voice inside your head?

The one that says, “I want to make it as an author”?

We’ve all been there.

Your definition of “making it” might be a little different than mine.

I see “making it” as getting my work out there in front of the right kind of readers and watching them enjoy it.

And well, that ain’t gonna happen if marketing doesn’t take place.

Now, I can’t promise any kind of marketing success.

I’m no master of analytics or guru of hashtags.
And I sure as heck don’t know how to keep up with the ever changing tornado of algorithms.

But I do know one thing: great marketing starts with great copy.

And not to toot my own horn but…

*toot toot*

I’m pretty awesome at copywriting.

Hi, I’m Amanda

I’ve always been a word nerd and lit lover. Always.

As a kid, I slept with books under my pillow. I chose to read for recess, and I owned (and memorized) every single R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike creation.

I majored in English in college. Everyone asked me “What are you going to do with that degree?” Honestly, I didn’t know. I just knew I didn’t want to teach because that was the default solution for the “English degree plague.”

I graduated and ended up…. In a school where I was a sign language interpreter for a few years. Honestly, this was an amazing brief career. I got to play with language in a visual way I had never had the chance to before. But I was working my way out of a job every day.

I’ve always written and collected journals. I’d have notes on every scrap of paper and dissected the lyrics to my favorite songs to marvel in the poetic way they told stories in short phrases.

I actually kind of fell into copywriting. One day it just kind of… happened. An amazing copywriter I admired and looked up to took me on as part of her business. I can’t share all that information here, but just know that I’ve worked closely with her for a while now and I’ve learned how to use the art of copywriting to reach the correct audience with the correct voice and the correct tone that doesn’t feel like a slimy salesperson is breathing down your back.

Publishing my first novel, I’ve realized that copywriting is for more than corporations and service businesses. Authors need copy, too. And with the great sea of unknown in the indie author world, it’s getting harder and harder to actually make your voice be heard over the masses.

Which is exactly why I want to help authors now. I want your voice heard. I want people to stack your book on their bookshelves. I want your story to be shared and retold and marveled at by more than your inner circle.

I want you to make it as an author.

And that all starts with copy.


Amanda wrote my about me and sales page for my company. Let me tell you she really listened to what I had to say. She is very attentive really put my personal feelings and thoughts into the copy. She asked me questions to get really great nuggets to use. I am thoroughly pleased and excited with my product. I recommend her a thousand times. - Tonya Burton

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