Because Sales Writing Shouldn’t Suck

The Fun Out of Writing-Writing

Hey Authors…

You’ve written your book. You’ve had enough alpha, beta, and ARC readers to create your own literary army. You’ve hired a kickass editor who combed through the commas and semicolons.

You’re ready to see that sucker off to publication… only you find there’s more to write.

Blurbs… loglines… newsletters… emails... bios… When does this madness end?

It doesn’t end, love.
But just because it seems like a lot doesn’t have to mean it’s sucky.

Have you seen the work you’ve already put into that book of yours?

The problem isn’t you. You’re more than capable writing.

The problem is that turning a whole world you created into a condensed paragraph feels so impossible.

Breathe. It is possible. By putting your story to words, you’ve already proven that. The right words to sell your story exist.

And really, writing sales stuff is just like writing the fun stuff. You just need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes first.

Let’s Make ish Happen!

Let’s sit together. One-on-one. And figure out how to make your browsers into paying readers.

Copywriting Ain’t the Same as Writing-Writing

In all the facebook groups I’m in,

In all the instagram lives I’ve participated in,

With all the authors I’ve talked to on their journeys…

I’ve heard the same thing over and over:

“I can write a 100k word novel. Why is writing a single sentence so hard?”

Yup, I get it. I’ve been there, too buddy.

I finished my novel and had the “OH CRAP”

Realization that my writing wasn’t over.

The thing is the story you’ve been working on is an entire world.

It’s filled with rich characters and driving dialogue.

You’ve weaved in symbolism to draw intrigue

And you pinpointed the metaphors to reach your readers’ hearts.

It’s the kind of storytelling everyone lives for.

But that blurb? The one-line ad? The elevator pitch?

It’s a whole different storytelling all together.

It’s not the story YOU want to tell, it’s the story your readers need to buy into before they even pick up your cover.

Welcome to sales writing, friend.
It ain’t for the faint of heart.

As difficult as writing your story is, it’s only like 10% of the work. 100% is marketing.

And yeah, I get that those numbers don’t add up.

Being an indie author is more than 100% effort.

The thing is that great marketing starts with great copy.

It’s what draws a potential reader in and develops a connection with you...with your story.

And it’s so freaking hard to do that when you’ve been immersed into this storytelling world for months, perhaps years.

That’s why I’m happy to take the “sucky” writing off your plate:

Logline Formula you have a go to answer for this? Cuz let me tell you, if you don’t have one sentence to reel people in, you have a good chance of losing the attention of some people in today’s instant gratification world.

Better Your Blurb

Your blurb has one job: to entice future readers.
Which means it’s not a summary. It’s not cliff notes. It’s not a rundown of any kind.

Download a quick tip guide to better write your blurb to get more people ready for what’s between the covers.

No-No Words

Get your manuscript ready for your editor by self-editing out the words that aren’t serving your writing.

Reader Magnet Funnel Strategy

You probably have heard about a reader magnet… but what to do with it after it’s written can be a little fuzzy.

I’ve developed a simple strategy to guide your freebie seekers into purchase readers.

Email me to schedule a coaching call

Interested in making the copywriting part of your author journey suck-free? Gotcha covered.

Email at:

“Make it” as an author

You know that little voice inside your head?

The one that says, “I want to make it as an author”?

We’ve all been there.

Your definition of “making it” might be a little different than mine.

I see “making it” as getting my work out there in front of the right kind of readers and watching them enjoy it.

And well, that ain’t gonna happen if marketing doesn’t take place.

Now, I can’t promise any kind of marketing success.

I’m no master of analytics or guru of hashtags.
And I sure as heck don’t know how to keep up with the ever changing tornado of algorithms.

But I do know one thing: great marketing starts with great copy.

And not to toot my own horn but…

*toot toot*

I’m pretty awesome at copywriting, which means I’d love to sit down 1:1 and help you get more comfortable with how you market your book, too.


Amanda wrote my about me and sales page for my company. Let me tell you she really listened to what I had to say. She is very attentive really put my personal feelings and thoughts into the copy. She asked me questions to get really great nuggets to use. I am thoroughly pleased and excited with my product. I recommend her a thousand times. - Tonya Burton

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