Hi. I’m Amanda.

Author. Copywriter. Word Nerd.

Hi, I’m Amanda

I’m just your average video game player, true crime lover, mom of two. I also happen to be a writer.

Since I can remember, I’ve always held a place in my heart for the way words reach us.

As a kid, I read every single Goosebumps novel until I cracked R.L. Stine’s formula. And then I kept reading.

I always had a little journal stashed somewhere to jot down stories. And when the journal wasn’t handy, I’d use loose leaf paper.

I’ve held all kinds of jobs under my belt from a sign language interpreter to social transcriptionist and everything in between. And I realized, working with words isn’t a job. It’s my career.

Somehow, I was able to brand myself as a copywriter and freelanced my time out. Honestly, I haven’t looked back since. It fits my world pretty nicely and allows me to write other people’s stories so they can achieve their dreams in business.

But then, there was this little voice that kept bugging me (No, it wasn’t the kids this time.)

It was the voice in the back of my head that said, “Write your OWN story.”

Well, I’ve read enough true crime. I’ve listened to enough true crime. And I’ve studied enough true crime to have enough details to frame a good ‘ol fictional tale around.

And while nothing I write is non-fiction (Let’s get that straight right now), the details in real life insanity are just enough to figure out how to create fictional insanity pretty well.

So, my authorship journey is dedicated to all the murderinos out there who, like me, enjoy a well told story to make your hair stand on end.

And if you’re not a murderino (you would know if you are), then I suggest you pick up my book with a lens of “this might be a pretty good suspense anyway.”

Fast Facts

  • When I listen to music in the car, it’s always either Our Lady Peace or the Beatles.

  • If my earbuds are in, I’m probably listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast.

  • I once met Bob Saget and asked him for a Tanner Family hug. (I got it).

  • I think pumpkin spice flavor is gross.

  • My first concert was Backstreet Boys. I’m okay admitting to that.

  • My favorite non paying hobby is photography. My favorite subject to photograph is my kids.

  • Most of my closet is black. But I do have sprinkles of color, too.

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Email us at AmandaJaegerAuthor@gmail.com

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